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What is title Insurance?
Owner’s title insurance protects your right to your home.
By searching, clearing and insuring the title to your home before you buy it, your owner’s
title policy offers protection for your property rights for as long as you and your heirs own
your home.
If ownership of your property ever comes into question, an owner’s title insurance policy
protects you from expensive legal problems that could result in the loss of your home.

How title insurance works:
As property changes hands, mistakes and irregularities – often made long before you
expressed interest in the property – can place your ownership in dispute. The seller may
• Avoided disclosure of using the property as collateral for an unpaid loan.
• Fraudulently claimed to be the sole owner.
• Failed to pay real estate taxes.
Even a simple mistake in the recording of legal documents, improper execution of legal
instruments or the reappearance of undisclosed or missing heirs can result in the loss of
your home.

Title Insurance: The ultimate property protection
If ownership of your property is ever challenged, title insurance will defend your possession
of the property–and assume the legal costs of that defense–for as long as you and
your heirs own the property. What’s more, if any challenge to your property’s title proves
to be legitimate, title insurance will pay for your losses, just as your title insurance policy

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